Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I thought that readers may wish to see this poem, written by an evacuee, Joan Ozanne.

It describes her feelings on the day that she left her home in Guernsey in June 1940, to
be evacuated to England.  She did not return home for five years.

My childhood was left inside.
when I closed my bedroom door.
In the hall, distraught, father waits, mother weeps.
The dog unaware, wags his tail
and licks the tears from my face.

Reluctantly we speed to the harbour.
The smell of tobacco smoke on
father’s jacket will remain with me.
On the ship we say goodbye, perhaps forever.
I feel empty like a shell

(c) Joan Ozanne

Find out more about the Guernsey evacuation here:

Monday, 29 July 2013


During my work on the Guernsey evacuation, I have been lucky enough to reunite a number of evacuees with wartime friends.

I have also collected over 100 evacuation stories from all over Britain for a new book

However, there is now help at hand for anyone evacuated within Britain.  Researchers with the popular ITV show 'Surprise Surprise' want to help wartime British evacuees to be reunited with friends they have lost touch with!

If you would like them to help, please email surprisesurprise@itv.com
or call 0207 157 4550

My blog on the Second World War Guernsey evacuation is here: http://guernseyevacuees.wordpress.com/evacuation/

and you can find out more about some of the evacuees I want to reunite here:
The image below shows the Tippett and Munro families (Guernsey evacuees) being reunited in Stockport, by me